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We need to locate contact information for the district offices each member of Congress has back home. To help, just check out the list below, then:

  1. Click on a profile, check out the Contact information, and determine whether the district office contact information is complete. If not:
  2. Find the district office contact information:
    1. Locate the member's name on the list, and click on it to be taken to their official Web site
    2. Using the navigation links on the member's Web site, find the "Contact Me" or "Office location" link.
  3. Open this page (How-to fill in the politician templates) in a new tab.
  4. Copy the district office information into the "politician" template on the member's Congresspedia profile.

Check-off for completed freshman

Please enter your username (or just "complete", if you like) in the box below that corresponds with the freshman you've finished. You may also want to note any members that you've started to prevent edit conflicts.


Picture Senator Party State Complete?
Markbegich.jpg Mark Begich Democratic Alaska Complete
KayRHagan.jpg Kay R. Hagan Democratic North Carolina Complete
MikeJohanns.jpg Mike Johanns Republican Nebraska Complete
Jeffmerkley.jpg Jeff Merkley Democratic Oregon Complete
Jimrisch.jpg Jim Risch Democratic Idaho Complete
173px-Jeanneshaheen.jpg Jeanne Shaheen Democratic New Hampshire Complete
Markudall.jpg Mark Udall Democratic Colorado Complete
Tomudall.jpg Tom Udall Democratic New Mexico Complete
Markwarner.jpg Mark R. Warner Democratic Virginia Complete

House of Representatives

Picture Name Party State Complete?
Johnadler.jpg John Adler Democratic New Jersey Complete
Steveaustria.jpg Steve Austria Republican Ohio Complete
Johnboccieri.jpg John Boccieri Democratic Ohio Complete
Bobbybright.jpg Bobby Bright Democratic Alabama Complete
Anhcao.jpg Anh "Joseph" Cao Republican Louisiana Complete
Billcassidy.jpg Bill Cassidy Republican Louisiana Complete
Jasonchaffetz.jpg Jason Chaffetz Republican Utah Complete
Mikecoffman.jpg Mike Coffman Republican Colorado Complete
Geraldconnolly.jpg Gerald E. Connolly Democratic Virginia Complete
Kathydahlkemper.jpg Kathy Dahlkemper Democratic Pennsylvania Complete
Stevendriehaus.jpg Steven Driehaus Democratic Ohio Complete
Johnfleming..jpg John Fleming Jr. Republican Louisiana Complete
Alangrayson.jpg Alan Grayson Democratic Alabama Complete
Parkergriffith.jpg Parker Griffith Democratic Alabama Complete
Brettguthrie.jpg Brett Guthrie Republican Kentucky Complete
Debbiehalvorson.jpg Debbie Halvorson Democratic Illinois Complete
Greggharper.jpg Gregg Harper Republican Mississippi Complete
Martinheinrich.jpg Martin Heinrich Democratic New Mexico Complete
Jimhimes.jpg Jim Himes Democratic Connecticut Complete
Duncandhunter.jpg Duncan D. Hunter Republican California Complete
Lynnjenkins.jpg Lynn Jenkins Republican Kansas Complete
Maryjokilroy.jpg Mary Jo Kilroy Democratic Ohio Complete
Kirkpatrick.jpg Ann Kirkpatrick Democratic Arizona Complete
Larrykissell.jpg Larry Kissell Democratic North Carolina Complete
Suzannekosmas.jpg Suzanne Kosmas Democratic Florida Complete
Frankkratovil.jpg Frank Kratovil Democratic Maryland Complete
Leonardlance.jpg Leonard Lance Republican New Jersey Complete
Chrislee.jpg Chris Lee Republican New York Complete
Blaineluetkemeyer.jpg Blaine Luetkemeyer Republican Missouri Complete
Benlujan.jpg Ben Lujan Democratic New Mexico Complete
Cynthialummis.jpg Cynthia Lummis Republican Wyoming Complete
Danmaffei.jpg Dan Maffei Democratic New York Complete
Betsymarkey.jpg Betsy Markey Democratic Colorado Complete
Ericmassa.jpg Eric Massa Democratic New York Complete
Thomasmcclintock.jpg Thomas McClintock Republican California Complete
Michaelmcmahon.jpg Michael McMahon Democratic New York Complete
Walterminnick.jpg Walter Minnick Democratic Idaho Complete
Glennnye.jpg Glenn Nye Democratic Virginia Complete
PeteOlson.jpg Pete Olson Republican Texas Complete
Erikpaulsen.jpg Erik Paulsen Republican Minnesota Complete
TomPerriello.jpg Tom Perriello Democratic Virginia Complete
Garypeters.jpg Gary Peters Democratic Michigan Complete
Pedroperluisi.jpg Pedro Pierluisi Partido Nuevo Progresista Puerto Rico Complete
Chelliepingree.jpg Chellie Pingree Democratic Maine Complete
Jaredpolis.jpg Jared Polis Democratic Colorado Complete
Billposey.jpg Bill Posey Republican Florida Complete
Philroe.jpg Phil Roe Republican Tennessee Complete
Tomrooney.jpg Tom Rooney Republican Florida Complete
Gregorio Kilili Sablan Independent Northern Marianas (At-Large) No district address on website
Markschauer.jpg Mark Schauer Democratic Michigan Complete
Aaronschock.jpg Aaron Schock Republican Illinois Complete
Kurtschrader.jpg Kurt Schrader Democratic Oregon Complete
Harryteague.jpg Harry Teague Democratic New Mexico Complete
Glennthompson.jpg Glenn Thompson Republican Pennsylvania Complete
Dinatitus.jpg Dina Titus Democratic Nevada Complete
Paultonko.jpg Paul Tonko Democratic New York Complete