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Many of you used our state-by-state election portals during the 2008 congressional elections, and they'll be back in some form when we open the new OpenCongress wiki. For now, we need some help grabbing the state flag images used on those portals and uploading them at the new wiki.

To help:

  1. Check out this map and click on a state.
  2. Click on the state flag when you arrive at the state portal
  3. Click the link at the top that says "redirected from "Image:state flag.png."
  4. Right click on the flag image and choose "Save image as" or "Save file as."
    • Note: Keep track of this location for future steps.
  5. Head over to the upload page at the OpenCongress wiki. You'll need to register, but you were going to do that anyway, right?
  6. Browse for the image you downloaded earlier. The "filename" field should fill itself in, but if not use the same name as the image from Congresspedia.
  7. In the "Summary" box, include the following text:

    Obtained from Sourcewatch and used under the GNU Free Documentation License

  8. Hit "Upload file."

You should be done.

Check-off for completed states

Please enter your username (or just "complete", if you like) in the box below that corresponds with the state you've finished. You may also want to note any states that you've started to prevent edit conflicts.

States Complete States Complete
Alabama Complete New Jersey Complete
Alaska Complete New Mexico Complete
Arizona Complete New York Complete
Arkansas Complete North Carolina Complete
California Complete North Dakota Complete
Colorado Complete Ohio Complete
Connecticut Complete Oklahoma Complete
Delaware Complete Oregon Complete
Florida Complete Pennsylvania Complete
Georgia Complete Rhode Island Complete
Hawaii Complete South Carolina Complete
Idaho Complete South Dakota Complete
Illinois Complete Tennessee Complete
Indiana Complete Texas complete
Iowa Complete Utah Complete
Kansas Complete Vermont Complete
Kentucky Complete Virginia Complete
Louisiana Complete Washington Complete
Maine Complete West Virginia Complete
Maryland Complete Wisconsin Complete
Massachusetts Complete Wyoming Complete
Michigan Complete
Minnesota Complete Non States
Mississippi Complete American Samoa Complete
Missouri Complete District of Columbia Complete
Montana Complete Guam Complete
Nebraska Complete Puerto Rico Complete
Nevada Complete Virgin Islands Complete
New Hampshire Complete