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This is the homepage for the Infrastructure and Transportation Policy (U.S.) Working Group. A working group is a self-organized group of editors on this site (staff, citizen or volunteer sys-op) who work on expanding and improving a common set of articles. If you'd like to join this working group, add your name to the list of participants below and stop by the discussion page to say hello.

Articles and other projects and tasks

This working group is associated with the Portal:Infrastructure and Transportation Policy (U.S.) and all its articles. If you know of something that needs to be done on an article in that portal, add it to its things you can do list.

Members of this working group may also choose to work on any other related articles, including non-Congresspedia articles. A full list is below.

Article list

From Portal:Infrastructure and Transportation Policy (U.S.):

Other articles:


Note: The original participant list was generated from the list of editors who have worked on articles in the related legislation portal. If you'd like to remove your username, feel free.