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Score card for Congress:

This is a brief comment inviting feedback. I have posted a number of articles written by myself on my opinion site located at .

Having watched the antics in Washington for several years it has become apparent to me that most members of Congress have been "bought and paid for" by special interests, most notably and of most concern, big corporate interests.

In addition to favoring those with fat wallets over the interest of the average American citizen, I have become very alarmed at the inaction, even complicity of Congress in the erosion of our civil liberties. These assaults have been aided almost equally by both parties.

My conclusion is that there is only one way to recover our nation from the hands of these errant them all out of office.

It may take a couple of rounds but the people of this nation still have the single most powerful tool at their disposal if they educate themselves to use it effectively...their votes.

Eventually big spenders will tire of throwing money away on candidates they cannot buy. And as long as we refuse to elect candidates that will sell themselves to the highest bidder, we can take our nation back to what it was intended to me, a nation "Of the people, by the people and for the people."