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Specialist Training Australia (STA)

"“STA is a project manager of integrated training solutions and manpower services for the military, police, security and civil defence sectors.”

"STA is a wholly Australian owned company that is entirely focused on servicing Middle East Countries. We provide customers with access to some of the best training, education and manpower services that Australia has to offer.

"We are dedicated to the provision of solutions for our customers which are of the highest quality, yet provide value for money. To ensure a total customer focus, STA only operates in the Middle East region." [1]

"Partner of Choice"

The Australian Department of Defence notes that STA is the "partner of choice for the delivery of value-for-money training, education and management solutions to the Gulf region.

"Specialist Training Australia (STA) is a project manager of integrated training solutions and management services and has available a range of employees, consultants and advisors who are experts in their field. The senior officers of the company all have many years of experience in the areas of Defence, Border Security, Maritime, Aerospace and Training and Education and have been in uniform or worked at the most senior levels within large international defence companies. Importantly, they have lived and worked within the Gulf region." [2]

"Aerospace Concepts, as part of a team led by Adelaide and UAE-based Specialist Training Australia (STA), delivers elements of the Defence Technology & Management Course (DTMC) for the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Other team members include the University of South Australia, KBR Australia and the UAE Centre of Excellence for Applied Research & Training." [3]


Web: http://www.specta.com.au

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