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Spiritual Mobilization was started by Reverend James W. Fifield as an independent Christian-libertarian movement against the Christian-liberal "Social Gospel" movement of the 1930s. In 1940, he established a company to promote his views, called Spiritual Mobilization, Inc. By 1948, it had a new board of directors composed of businessmen, and with the financial support of many of the country's top corporations it published a monthly journal, Faith and Freedom, which was sent to 22,000 clergymen across the country, "to arouse ministers of all denominations in America to check the trends toward pagan stateism."

Among the contributors were Ludwig von Mises, Henry Hazlitt, Leonard Read and Felix Morley. Murray Rothbard contributed 13 articles between March 1950 and December 1956, in addition to a monthly column under the pseudonym "Aubrey Herbert."


  • William Johnson, President or editor (?)
  • James C. Ingebretsen, Executive Vice President (lawyer and director of US Chamber of Commerce)
  • Edmund A. Opitz, conference program director (went on to Foundation for Economic Education)


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