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The Stanford Washington Research Group (Stanford WRG) is the renamed Washington Research Group -- "the foremost policy research organization based in the nation's capital" -- which was acquired March 3, 2005, by the Stanford Group Company. [1]

In May 2005, Stanford WRG "[brought] together all of its highly regarded annual sector conferences -- Healthcare, Telecom/Media, Defense/IT, and the annual symposium -- for a multi-track conference: the 2005 Institutional Policy Conference, for clients and invited guests of the Stanford Group." [2]

Political Intelligence

The Stanford WRG was named in the December 26, 2005, Business Week article on "political intelligence" as one of a "small group of firms" that "mine" the Nation's Capital "for information and translate Washington wonkspeak into trading tips."


The Stanford Washington Research Group is a subsidiary of the Stanford Group Company owned by Stanford Financial Group of Houston, Texas.

"The Stanford Washington Research Group delivers timely, investment-relevant insights into Washington decision-making, which, paired with Stanford Group's fundamental equity research, provides clients with a truly unique research offering." --Business Wire, April 18, 2005.


Note: On January 20, 2006, Stanford WRG's server was down and the above-listed personnel identified via internet search. The list may or may not be accurate but will be updated/corrected at a later date.

Contact Information

1055 Thomas Jefferson Street, NW
Suite 450
Washington, DC 20007
Phone: 202 298-6226
Fax: 202 298-6146

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