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According to the organization's web site, Stanley Carlson-Thies "joined the Center for Public Justice in October, 1992, as Director of Social Policy Studies. He left the Center staff early in 2001 when he was appointed to serve with the White House Office for Faith-based and Community Initiatives. During his time with the Center, he also directed the Center's project to track the implementation and impact of the Charitable Choice provision of the 1996 federal welfare reform law." [1]

Dr. Carlson-Thies' returned to the Center June, 2002. He then "assumed the position of Acting Program Director of the Civitas Program in Faith in Public Affairs" for Dr. Keith Pavlischek, who is currently on leave of absence. [2]

"Carlson-Thies is the author of Faith-based Institutions Cooperating with Public Welfare: The Promise of the Charitable Choice Provision (in D. Davis and B. Hankins, eds., Welfare Reform and Faith-based Organizations (Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies, Baylor Univ., 1999)), Transforming American Welfare: An Evangelical Perspective on Welfare Reform (forthcoming in D. Gushee, ed., Empowering the Poor: Toward a Just and Caring Economy, Baker Books), editor of A Guide to Charitable Choice: The Rules of Section 104 of the 1996 Federal Welfare Law Governing State Cooperation with Faith-based Social-Service Providers (co-published with the Center for Law and Religious Freedom of the Christian Legal Society)." [3]

He "holds a doctorate in political science from the University of Toronto. His dissertation is on the role of Protestants and Catholics in the development of Dutch politics in the 19th and 20th Centuries." [4]

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