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Starmet Corporation (formerly Nuclear Metals Inc.) has been identified as a supplier of depleted uranium penetrators to Alliant Techsystems for insertion into munitions.

Starmet or its subsidiaries owns or operates a SuperFund site in Concord, MA, and a toxic site in Barnwell, SC about which something can be learned from court documents.

From the Concord Journal, 19 June 2003: "The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced it has reached an agreement with five parties responsible for contamination of the Nuclear Metals Superfund Site in Concord.

EPA entered into a Consent Order with the U.S. Army, the U.S. Department of Energy, Whittaker Corp., MONY Life Insurance Co., and Textron Inc. to conduct extensive studies at the site to determine cleanup options.

From 1958 to the present, the site was used by various operators as a specialized research and metal manufacturing facility which was licensed to possess low-level radioactive substances. Site operators used depleted uranium (DU), beryllium and other hazardous substances at the site. From 1958 to 1985, DU-contaminated wastes were disposed of in an unlined holding basin. EPA has also identified other areas on the site that were used to dispose of manufacturing wastes, building materials, and laboratory equipment. The current site owner/operator, Starmet (formerly Nuclear Metals, Inc.), manufactured depleted uranium munitions for the U.S. Army at the site from the 1970s until 1999.

The Nuclear Metals Inc. site was added to the National Priority List (NPL) in June 2001, making it a Superfund site. The NPL is EPA's list of the country's most serious hazardous waste sites identified for possible long-term cleanup. The Superfund program makes public funds available to clean up listed toxic waste sites when private financing is unavailable."

According to, Carolina Metals, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary, is the world's only depleted uranium processing facility.

Carolina Metals, Inc. may now be Starmet CMI.

Reference is found of an NRC "Agreement between US Enrichment Corp (USEC) & Starmet CMI, supporting "Submittal of Revised Uranium Management Plan & Decommissioning Funding Program Description" & modified agreement"

Starmet Corporation manufactures specialty metals for use in the defense, energy, and aerospace industries. Beralcast, the company's patented beryllium-aluminum alloy, is lighter and stronger than aluminum and is used in helicopters, optical systems, and satellites. The company's metal powders are used in medical implants, photocopiers, and paint. Starmet's other lines of business include uranium recycling and the production of depleted uranium for anti-armor munitions or penetrators. United States Enrichment Corporation accounts for 23% of the company's sales and Primex Technology accounts for 11%. Other customers include Lockheed Martin and Royal Ordnance. WIAF Investors own 42% of the company.[1]