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The State Freedom Caucus Network (SFCN) is a rightwing 501(c)4 nonprofit pioneered by the Conservative Partnership Institute. Its tagline is "Equipping conservatives to win at home", and it mimics the House Freedom Caucus, a caucus started by far-right conservatives and Tea Party members. It describes itself as being "the first-ever organization working to build, train, and equip state freedom caucuses across the nation."[1]

SFCN President Andrew Roth served as the Vice President of Government Affairs for Club for Growth, a conservative organization that parents a powerful Super PAC.

SFCN has an affiliated PAC: the State Freedom Caucus Action.

Current Members

Members of State Freedom Caucuses as of October 2023 include: [2]


  • Jake Hoffman, Chair
  • Jacqueline Parker, Vice Chair
  • Joseph Chaplik, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Beverly Pingerelli
  • Cory Mcgarr
  • Austin Smith
  • Barbara Parker
  • Justine Wadsack
  • Rachel Jones
  • Anthony Kern
  • Alex Kolodin
  • Laurin Hendrix
  • Justin Heap


  • Charlice Byrd, Chair
  • Colton Moore, Vice Chair
  • Greg Dolezal

Former Members

  • Greg Dolezal, Chair
  • Philip Singleton, Vice Chair
  • David Clark
  • Emory Dunahoo
  • Sheri Gilligan
  • Burt Jones
  • Timothy Barr


  • Heather Scott, Co-chair
  • Tammy Nichols, Co-chair
  • Glenneda Zuiderveld
  • Elaine Price
  • Brian Lenney
  • Mike Kingsley
  • Dan Foreman
  • Cindy Carlson
  • Jacyn Gallagher
  • Scott Herndon
  • Tony Wisniewski
  • Joe Alfieri
  • Dale Hawkins


  • Chris Miller, Chair
  • Brad Halbrook, Vice Chair
  • Blaine Wilhour
  • Dan Caulkins
  • Adam Niemerg
  • Jed Davis


  • Alan Seabaugh, Chair
  • Larry Frieman, Vice Chair
  • Beryl Amedee, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Kathy Edmonston
  • Danny Mccormick


  • Dana Criswell, Chair
  • Steve Hopkins
  • Joel Bomgar
  • Chris Brown
  • Dan Eubanks

Former Members

  • Brady Williamson, Vice Chair


  • Theresa Manzella, Chair
  • Jerry Schillnger, Vice Chair
  • Barry Usher, Treasurer
  • Caleb Hinkle, Secretary
  • Steve Gunderson
  • Bob Keenan
  • Bob Phalen
  • Steve Hinebauch
  • Steve Galloway
  • Bob Brown
  • Dan Bartel
  • Mark Noland
  • Jedediah Hinkle
  • Carl Glimm
  • Paul Fielder
  • John Fuller
  • Ron Marshall
  • Jane Gillette
  • Joe Read
  • Braxton Mitchell
  • Fiona Nave


(No longer listed on the website as of October 2023)

  • Jim Wheeler, Chair
  • Jill Dickman, Vice Chair
  • Andy Matthews
  • John Ellison
  • Richard McArthur
  • P.K. O'Neill


  • Dawn Keefer, Chair
  • David Rowe, Vice Chair
  • Paul Schemel, Secretary
  • Leslie Rossi
  • Barb Gleim
  • Perry Stambaugh
  • Aaron Bernstine
  • Dave Zimmerman
  • Joe Hamm
  • Stephanie Borowicz
  • Mike Jones
  • Wendy Fink
  • Joe D'Orsie
  • Tom Jones
  • Joanne Stehr
  • Robert Leadbeter
  • Charity Grimm Krupa

South Carolina

  • Adam Morgan, Chair
  • RJ May, Vice Chair
  • Mike Burns
  • Bill Chumley
  • Patrick Haddon
  • Stewart Jones
  • Josiah Magnuson
  • Ryan McCabe
  • Melissa Oremus
  • Ashley Trantham
  • Alan Morgan
  • April Cromer
  • David O'Neal
  • Jay Kilmartin
  • Joe White
  • Jordan Pace
  • Rob Harris
  • Thomas Beach

Former Members

  • Bobby Cox
  • Vic Dabney
  • Steven Long

South Dakota

  • Aaron Aylward, Chair
  • Tony Randolf, Vice Chair
  • Tina Mulally, Secretary


  • John Bear, Chair
  • Jeremy Haroldson, Vice Chair
  • Chris Knapp
  • Pepper Ottman
  • Scott Heiner
  • John Winter
  • Rachel Rodriguez-Williams
  • Allen Slagle
  • Bill Allemand
  • Jeanette Ward
  • Scott Smith
  • Tomi Strock

Ties to Trump's Former Chief of Staff and Insurrectionist Mark Meadows

Former Trump White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who started the House Freedom Caucus was brought on as senior partner for the Conservative Partnership Institute, the parent organization of SFCN. Meadows, who self-reports having a role in the creation of SFCN, was investigated for registering to vote in three states. The House also voted to hold Meadows in contempt of Congress for his nonconformity in the January 6 investigations.[3] Meadows attended SFCN's inaugural gala in Atlanta, Georgia.[1]


State Freedom Caucus Network is not required to disclose its funders but major supporters of its State Freedom Caucus Foundation, can be found through a search of IRS filings. Here are some known contributors:

  • Consumers' Research: $100,000 (2022)
  • Quinn Family Charitable Foundation: $2,000 (2022)
  • Swenson Family Foundation: $3,000 (2022)

Core Financials

The State Freedom Caucus Network filed a 990-N in 2021, meaning it brought in less than $50,000 in revenue.


Staff Members

As of October 2023:[4]

  • Andrew Roth, President
  • Justin Ouimette, Vice President of Government Affairs
  • Greg Price, Director of Communications
  • Suanne Edmiston, Arizona State Director
  • Mallory Staples, Georgia State Director
  • Collin Moseley, Illinois State Director
  • Maria Nate, Idaho State Director
  • Connie Hair, Louisiana State Director
  • Steven Utroska, Mississippi State Director
  • Darin Gaub, Montana State Director
  • Nick Kerin, Pennsylvania State Director
  • Evan Newman, South Carolina State Director
  • Jordan Mason, South Dakota State Director
  • Jessie Rubino, Wyoming State Director

Former Staff

  • Katie Frost, Georgia State Director
  • Blake Bassham, Georgia Legislative Director
  • Daniel Honchariw, Nevada State Director
  • Brooke Powell, Illinois State Director

Contact Information

State Freedom Caucus Network
300 Independence Ave SE
Washington, DC 20003

Articles and Resources

IRS Form 990 Filings




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