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Stephen S. Boynton, Esq., is President Emeritus of the International Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources (IFCNR).

According to, "Boynton's biotech advocacy role follows on from such previous campaigns as a clandestine anti-Clinton campaign that helped bolster the legal efforts of Paula Jones in her sexual harassment lawsuit against the then President where 'critical assistance was provided by Stephen S. Boynton, a conservative Virginia attorney.'

"In that campaign Boynton drew on long-standing ties to rightwing billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife and was a key player in Scaife's anti-Clinton Arkansas Project in which $1.8 million, was 'paid out in legal expenses with no further explanation of what sort of legal services were provided... records indicate that the money went to conservative lawyer Stephen Boynton and... David Henderson, who in turn funneled some of the money to various anti-Clinton operatives.' A certain 'lack of documentation' to support the money flowing to Boynton and Henderson has been alleged."


The EcoMole at Alternative's Reader, "a free e-zine from Alternatives for Simple Living (Issue #2), June, 2002, reported that

"Stephen S. Boynton ushered in the new year with a speech that seemed to possess a familiar environmental stance. 'Our human population is expanding. Our land and water masses are not,' he declared. But within moments, Boynton was assailing 'environmental and animal rights advocacy groups rampaging about the globe destroying field tests of... [genetically modified] crops' and using 'the tactics of strong-arm extortionists and thugs against retailers such as Trader Joe's.'
"Boynton, who is identified as the President of the International Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources (a name suspiciously close to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature), lambasted so-called 'environmentalists' who use 'tortuous logic' to criticize 'agricultural and medical biotech research, consumption of meat or the use of fur, private firearms ownership, capitalism... the demise of economic globalization, etc.'
"According to Boynton, these green-minded zealots push 'harsh ideologies calling for strict vegetarian (vegan) life styles' and condemn 'modern science's attempts to feed, clothe, shelter and heal an ever more population-strained world.'
"Why do these enviros take their responsibility for nature 'too seriously'? According to Boynton, 'evidence exists that many within their ranks thrive on the power, wealth and popularity that comes with the celebrity of posturing as the Earth's and its animals' messiah.'
"And who is Stephen Boynton? In his speech, he describes himself as 'an advocate for the wise and sustainable use of Nature's resources.' The phrase 'Wise Use' is the tip-off. The EcoMole has dug up the fact that Boynton was one of the two operatives who ran the American Spectator's 'Arkansas Project' (which resorted to financial and sexual innuendo in a failed attempt to drive President Bill Clinton from office). The $2.4-million Arkansas Project was funded by billionaire conservative Richard Mellon Scaife."