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He published his first book, Emergence from Chaos, in 1957 at the age of twenty-three. The same publisher, Victor Gollancz, had recently published The Outsider, the first book by Holroyd's friend Colin Wilson.


  • Emergence from Chaos (1957)
  • Flight and Pursuit (1959)
  • The English Imagination (1969)
  • Contraries: A Personal Progression (1975)
  • Dream Worlds (1976)
  • PSI and the Consciousness Explosion (1977)
  • Mysteries of the Inner Self (1978)
  • Alien Intelligence (1979)
  • Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth (1979)
  • With Susan Holroyd The Complete Book of Sexual Love (1979)
  • Quest of the Quiet Mind (1980)
  • Krishnamurti: The Man, the Mystery & the Message (1991)
  • The Elements of Gnosticism (ISBN 1-86204-146-6 Element Books Ltd. 1994)

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