Superior Refinery

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Superior refinery
company Murphy Oil USA Inc
State Wisconsin
location Union County
current capacity 34,300 bpd
projected capacity 235,000 bpd
project cost $6 billion
project type Expansion

Project Summary

Murphy has announced the possible expansion and may file permit applications in late 2007 or early 2008. This expansion would result in a 670% increase in capacity and would involve filling approximately 400 acres of wetland. The company has said that it anticipates major increases in Canadian crude coming to the U.S. and emphasizes the need for U.S. refining growth. The Superior plant is already located at a major shipping hub off Enbridge's crude oil pipeline from Canada[1].

Permitting Status

Expansion apparently under consideration. No permit applications yet submitted.[1].[2]. Murphy may still be looking for the $6 billion it says it needs for the project.