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{{#badges: CoalSwarm|Navbar-Indiacoal}}Suratgarh Super Thermal Power Station is a 2,160-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station in Rajasthan, India.

An additional 660 MW is under development.


The photo below shows units 1-6 of the power station in Thukrana village.

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The expansion units (Units 7-8) are located to the south of Units 1-6.

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The existing power station comprises six 250MW generating units which were commissioned between 1998 and 2009.[1] It is owned and operated by Rajasthan RV Utpadan Nigam (RVUN), a government owned utility.[2]

Expansion plans

The power station has been flagged for the addition of 2640 MW of capacity in the 2013-2017 period. The addition will be units 7-10, of 660 MW each.[3]

Units 7 and 8

RVUN are proposing to expand the existing power station in two stages - the first the addition of two 660 megawatt generating units -- units 7 and 8 - and then a further two 660 MW units subsequently. RVUN states that land for the first expansion has been acquired and that 60 cusecs of water has been allocated by the Water Resources Department. RVUN states that the terms of reference for the environmental impact statement were issued in July 2009 and a public hearing held in January 2010. Subsequently RVUN has applied for environmental clearance which was considered September 2010. RVUN states that it has obtained Stage-I forest clearance from the Ministry of Environment and Forests for coal from the Parsa East-Kete Basan coal mines. RVUN states that tenders for the construction of the plant were called for in January 2011 and that "orders are in final stage & to be placed after allocation of coal linkage & after issuance of Environmental Clearance."[4]

Units 7 & 8 were awarded environmental clearance in 2012.[5]

The project was tendering bids for construction in 2014.[6]

According to the Ministry of Power, they are planned for commissioning in 2018-19.[7][7]

Unit 7 was commissioned in March 2019.[8]

Units 9 and 10

Units 9 and 10 were approved by the Government of Rajasthan in June 2010 with a pledge of 20% equity support. RVUN states that the project would be built on the land acquired and with the water allocated for units 7 & 8. RVUN states that an application for a long-term coal linkage has been submitted to the Ministry of Coal and is "being examined by CEA." RVUN states that the "matter of upgrading of existing railway system for coal transportation for total 10 units ... has been taken up with Railways."[9]

In August 2014 the following milestones were reported:[10]

  • Admin. & financial approval accorded by Government of Rajasthan on 24.06.2010 with project cost Rs 7920 Crs.
  • 60 Cusec (1890 MCFT) Water has been allocated from Indira Gandhi Canal (IGNP) on 02.09.2009.
  • Sufficient Land is available in the premises of U# 7&8 .
  • M/s BHEL, PCRI, Haridwar is Environment Consultant for conducting Environmental Impact Assessment Study to obtain Environmental Clearance.
  • Application for long Term Coal linkage has already been submitted to Ministry of Coal.
  • Possibility is also being explored to enhance capacity from 660 MW to 800 MW.

However, as of June 2019 the project has yet to receive environmental clearance, and plans appear to be deferred or abandoned. It is no longer mentioned on the RRVUN website.

Project Details of expansion

Sponsor: Rajasthan RV Utpadan Nigam
Location: Thukrana village, Suratgarh taluk, Sri Ganganagar district, Rajasthan
Coordinates: 29.1611184, 74.0191627 (exact)
Status: Unit 7: Operating ; Unit 8: Construction; Units 9 & 10: Cancelled
Capacity: 2,640 MW (Units 7-10: 660 MW)
Type: Supercritical
Projected in service: 2019 (Units 7-8)
Coal Type:
Coal Source: Expansion: Parsa East and Kante Basan
Estimated annual CO2: Expansion: 15,612,170
Source of financing:
Permits and applications: Units 7 & 8: Environmental Clearance, India MoEF, May 23, 2012

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