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A videotape of a surveillance drone "taken from an unarmed and unmanned surveillance aircraft over Tarnak Farm in Afghanistan in the fall of 2000, [which] shows a tall man dressed in a white robe" was shown for a story by NBC Senior Investigative Correspondent Lisa Myers on NBC News on Tuesday night, March 16, 2004. The video was also shown by CNN. [1]

David Ensor, reporting March 17, 2004, for CNN's Online news, says that "U.S. officials say CIA surveillance aircraft video that they think shows Osama bin Laden in 2000 was 'highly classified,' and that the CIA will investigate who leaked it to the media. ... No decision has been made on whether the matter would be referred to the U.S. Department of Justice." [2]

Note: The CNN web page has a link to "Play Video" of "Bin Laden in 2000?"

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