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Susan Sarandon is a movie actress who has appeared in several films that have given deliberate exposure to branded tobacco products. A 1981 memo from Associated Film Productions to Mr. E. Ted Parrack, Jr. of Brand Management at Brown & Williamson indicates a pay-for-placement scheme occurred in a movie starring Sarandon called "The Tempest." Parrack wrote,

The two principal characters [in the movie] will both use Barclays cigarettes in such a way that the packages will be readily identified by movie-goers, as well as future cable television, video cassette, video disc, and network viewers. The total investment to Brown & Williamson for the above service is seventy-thousand dollars ($70,000.00), payable upon the commencement of production of The Temptest.

While Sarandon starred in "The Tempest," apparently she was not one of the characters use used nicotine. [1]

In 1988, Sarandon appeared in the film "Bull Durham," about a minor league baseball team. At the local Durham stadium in the movie, there is a sign displayed in the outfield advertising "Lucky Strike Lights."[2] In 1991, Sarandon starred with Geena Davis in the film "Thelma and Louise," about two adventurous women to take a road trip together. While a character in the movie waits for Louise to call him, he smokes Lucky Strike cigarettes.[3]


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