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Founding members of the group include Rear Admiral Roy Hoffmann (retired), a famously aggressive commander of Swift boat forces; John E. O'Neill, Captain Adrian Lonsdale, 12 other named veterans and other veterans who were not members but signed the group's public statement against Kerry, for a total of 189 signatures. [1]

SBVT contains many officers who praised Kerry's conduct during the Vietnam War. These include Division Commander Grant Hibbard, who wrote positive evaluations of Kerry, and Commander George Elliott, who submitted Kerry for a Silver Star.

The SWBT Steering Committee consists of: [2]

Other Swift Boat veterans who have criticized Kerry include:

In September 2004 the Billings Gazette reported that a letter on the SBVT website protesting attacking Kerry included the names of Swift Boat veterans that had not authorised the use of their name on the letter. [4] However, in a follow-up article the following day, the newspaper reported that it had received fax-copies of e-mails from the 2 named individuals indicating their desire to be included in the SVPT initiative. [5]

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