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TBWA\GGT is a UK advertising agency.

It was given the Labour Party account in April 2000 [1]. In September 2004, The Times reported that TBWA had been chosen to handle the advertising for Labour's campaign for the British General Election 2005 [2].

A quote on the website of the Management Centre Europe, accessed in November 2004, gives some insight into TBWA\GGT's approach to the Labour account. According to the article, "As Adam Morgan, European planning director of the TBWA agency in London says: 'The repositioning of the British Labour Party is a branding exercise, so is the city of Las Vegas as a leisure destination'... According to Morgan, there are two distinct types of challenger brands: launches and relaunches... As for relaunches that have been highly successful, he lists Wonderbra, Harley-Davidson, Swatch, Tango and The British Labour Party, a political group that has now become a model brand for others around Europe." [3]


According to its website, the principals of TBWA\GGT as at November 2004 were [4]:

Contact details

82 Dean Street,
W1D 3HA,
Tel: +44 20 7439 4282
Fax: +44 20 7440 1282
Email: info AT tbwa-ggt.com
Website: www.tbwa-ggt.com

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