Takehara Thermal Power Plant

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The Takehara power station is a 1,300 megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station in Takeharashi, Japan.


The undated satellite photo below shows the plant

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Background on Plant

The station is owned and operated by J-POWER, the trading name for the Electric Power Development Co. It comprises three units: the 250MW unit no 1 was commissioned in July 1967; the 350MW No 2 was converted from being an oil-fired power station to coal and re-commissioned in June 1995; and the 700MW No 3 which was commissioned in March 1983.[1]

Description of Expansion

J-Power is considering the construction of a new 600 megawatt coal-fired unit. In its planning document J-Power refer to this as 'Takehara New Unit 1' to replace the existing 250 megawatt unit 1 commissioned in 1967. The company has indicated that construction may start in 2015 with a nominal commissioning date of 2020.[2]

Construction began in 2014.[3]

Project Details for Takehara Expansion

  • Sponsor: J-POWER
  • Parent Company: J-POWER
  • Location: Takeharashi, Hiroshima, Japan
  • Coordinates: 34.3373, 132.9572 (exact)
  • Status: Construction
  • Gross Capacity: 600 MW
  • Type:  Ultra-supercritical
  • Projected in service: 2020
  • Coal Type: Bituminous
  • Coal Source:  
  • Source of financing:

Articles and resources


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