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This page is a general to-do list and a way of keeping track of ongoing projects by the FrackSwarm team. Others are welcome to jump in as well -- contact and for help on getting started.

After pages have been updated, please leave your initials and date completed next to the page indicted.

Need major work

Note: some of these state pages do not have active fracking/oil extraction. However, they may have proposed LNG terminals, fracsand operations, wastewater disposal and other extraction related things going on. We need to tidy these pages to reflect each state's current issues. If nothing is going on in these states, we need to reformat the page to indicate as much. Please see Hawaii and fracking as an example of this.

Washington State and fracking (NC)

Oregon and fracking (NC)

South Dakota and fracking (NC)

Nebraska and fracking (NC)

Iowa and fracking (NC)

Mississippi and fracking (NC)

Georgia and fracking (NC)

Florida and fracking (NC)

South Carolina and fracking (NC)

Indiana and fracking (NC)

Maine and fracking (NC)

Rhode Island and fracking (NC)

Mexico and fracking

Canada and fracking (NC)

Offshore fracking (NC)

Routine Updating

This is a list of our most popular pages. As such, they need to be updated to reflect the most current information available. Many pages haven't been updated for over two years, please go through and make sure everything is as current as possible, updating where necessary. Please be cautious of redundancy on these individual pages. Keep in mind that certain updates may also fit nicely on other pages, so cross-post when you can. It's a big time saver.

Fracking (SH)

Ohio and fracking (NC)

Pennsylvania and fracking (NC)

Texas and fracking (NC)

California and fracking (NC)

New York and fracking (NC)

Colorado and fracking (NC)

North Dakota and fracking (JF)

Fracking and water consumption - (JF 8/14/15)

Fracking studies (JF)

Fracking and water pollution (JF)

Frackademia scandals

Fracking and health effects (JF)

Obama administration actions on fracking (JF)

LNG Terminals (JF)

Chesapeake Energy

Marcellus Shale (JF)

Fracking regulations

Environmental impacts of fracking

Fracking and air pollution

Fracking and climate change

Major Projects

We need to create individual LNG Terminals (including regasification terminals) based on those listed here and a few more that need to be added: LNG Terminals

Need to create pages for the following:

Cameron LNG

Carib Energy (JF)

Corpus Christi LNG (JF)

Cove Point LNG

Freeport LNG (JF)

Golden Pass LNG

Jordan Cove LNG (NC)

Oregon LNG (JF)

Sabine Pass LNG (NC)

Energia Costa Azul

Northeast Gateway Deepwater Port

Neptune LNG

Pacific NorthWest LNG

Trunkline LNG

Southern LNG

Everett Marine Terminal

EcoEléctrica LNG

Gulf LNG

Kenai LNG

Opposition to LNG terminals