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   Bangladesh mine - Barclays Bank
   Activists from the World Development Movement attended Barclays' AGM to question the bank's involvement in the controversial Phulbari Mine project in Bangladesh.
   Click to watch a video:
   Press Release: Asian Development Bank Pulls Out of Controversial Coal Project in Bangladesh
   World Development Movement (WDM), UK campaigns against GCM Resources Plc. Click the link and send a letter to GCM:
   Asian Development Bank (ADB) reschedules board approval date for Phulbari Coal Project [Project number: 399933-01] on June 3, 2008.
   International civil society letter to ADB: discontinue support to Phulbari Coal Project!
   Please click the link to read the letter:
   Documentary film: The Blood Soaked Banner of Phulbari. Watch online on YouTube!
   Part # 1:
   Part # 2:
   Urgent appeal by World Organization against Torture (OMCT): Risk of Violent Suppression of Public Opposition to the Phulbari Coal Mine Project in Bangladesh
   Click the link to read the appeal:
   Local communities in Phulbari sent a letter to the President and Executive Directors of Asian Development Bank (ADB) asking them to reconsider ADB plan to finance Phulbari Coal Project.
   Click the link to read the letter:
   UBS, a financial heavyweight from Switzerland, is facing scrutiny by international civil society organisations for investing in proposed Phulbari open-pit coal mine in Bangladesh.
   Read the press release:
   UBS alerted over Phulbari Coal mine: Human rights concerns for Bangladesh mine investment
   Swiss based Berne Declaration and the BankTrack network recently wrote to UBS on behalf of local community representatives outlining the grave environmental, social and human rights problems associated with the project.
   Read and download the letter:
   Who owns Asia Energy Corporations (Bangladesh) Pty Ltd? Major shareholders of GCM Resources Plc
   FYI: GCM has done it again! They changed their name! Now they call themselves GCM Resources Plc. Read their announcement:
   Notice of GCM Resources Plc annual share holder meeting 2007:
   GCM Resources Plc web page on Phulbari Coal Project:
   Grassroot people stand firm against Asia Energy and Open pit mining
   Asia Energy: Hands off Phulbari
   GCM Resources Plc is engaged in media propaganda in Bangladesh in favour of open pit coal mining.
   FYI: GCM (Asia Energy) has just released their Annual Report-Accounts 2007. Click the link bellow to download:
   Asian Development Bank (ADB) scheduled to approve $100 million loan and $200 million political risk guarantee to GCM in March 2007. Check the link:
   GCM Resources Plc web page on their investment in Bangladesh:
   Ban on open-pit coal mining demanded:
   The Coal Debate in Bangladesh:
   Listen to Panos Radio report on community resistance to Phulbari Coal Project
   View a photo essay: Profit vs the Poor
   Asian Development Bank (ADB) rejected an open discussion on Phulbari Coal Project, read a press release:
   Phulbari is ADB's project of mass destruction:
   ADB should not fund Phulbari Coal Project:
   Watch a video of a protest rally against ADB in Kyoto, May 2007:
   Phulbari, Asia Energy and Grassroots Revolt:
   Killings in Phulbari Ignite Unstoppable Protest: Local Communities Stand Strong against Open Cut Mining:


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Barapukuria's existing contract with a Chinese company will expire in 2011, and Peabody has expressed interest in mining the area. In March 2011, Barapukuria had a proven reserve of around 389 million tons of coal, and the company expects to extract 10 to 20 per cent of the total reserves through underground mining within the next 30 years. The government has so far extracted less than four million tons of coal from the mine. Peabody operates worldwide including the U.S., United Kingdom, Australia, Mongolia, China, Singapore and Indonesia.[1]


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