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Frank H. Pearl/Perseus LLC is also "the founder and chairman of Perseus Books/Perseus Publishing, a publisher of quality trade books."

Now, truth is stranger than fiction. It just so happens that Perseus Books is the publisher for Renata Adler's "In Private Capacity" ...

"In Private Capacity is a brilliant investigation into conspiracy theories and the ultra-secretive Bilderberg group. In 1954, a group of the world's elite held a secret meeting that would lead to the formation of the Bilderberg group. It has never been clear what the group does or who its members are. It has included presidents and prime ministers, business leaders and men whose occupations are not widely known. Media barons and journalists are sometimes invited, but only if they swear to keep absolutely secret what is discussed. Even the location of each Bilderberg meeting is kept strictly confidential. Renata Adler's investigation of the Bilderberg group reveals the true history of the organization, its membership and its nebulous function. With an astonishing cache of Bilderberg archives and secret files, Adler charts the history of the organization and the extent of its power. In Private Capacity is also a spectacular examination of why we crave conspiracy. Educated at Bryn Mawr, Harvard, the Sorbonne and Yale Law School, Renata Adler has had an unrivaled career as a reporter, novelist, and short story writer. She was for many years on the staff at The New Yorker, and she has also been a film critic for The New York Times. Her most recent book is Gone: The Last Days of The New Yorker." Spring 2001 • History • 288 pages .. British Commonwealth & Translation Rights: PublicAffairs .. First Serial, Audio, Electronic & Performance Rights: Janklow & Nesbit Associates.

Addendum: so .... check out Perseus's Director James A. Johnson's connection to Bilderberg.

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