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This page is a collection of cut and pastes, many duplicating the same material. I have reposted the section from the main page below that is now behind a sub screen.--Bob Burton 15:02, 11 February 2008 (EST)

"... the innocuously-named International Business Communications (IBC). Once described by a Ronald Reagan political aide as "the White House outside the White House," IBC's principals were Carl "Spitz" Channell, Frank Gomez and Richard R. Miller. IBC company played a key role in not only covertly and illicitly funneling funds to the contras, but in pioneering the use of stealthy non-profit groups to smear political opponents.

"Channell and Miller were respectively convicted in 1987 of defrauding the government and conspiracy to defraud the government, for using their non-profit National Endowment for the Preservation of Liberty (NEPL), under Oliver North's coordination, to raise private funds for the contras and then shifting the funds to IBC, which then moved the money to secret accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands....

"In addition to overseas contra-related activities, Channell's NEPL and it's Channell-led affiliates like the American Conservative Trust and the Anti-Terrorism American Committee, also used money in an effort to cripple American politicians opposed to Reagan's contra policy."[1]