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Edit note

  • "CMPA's claim to be 'non-partisan' is undermined by an analysis of its sources of funding." - I'm not persuaded this follows. Just because CMPA is funded by conservative foundations doesn't mean it is partisan (in terms of Dems/Republicans).
  • Also Media Transparency track foundation funding only (which I have made explicit in the text). So while CMPA receives a lot from conservative foundations, these grants need to be put into perspective by checking the total budget of the organisation. It may have a substantial donor base independent of foundations. Accordingly, I have removed the statment in the premable "However, as shown below, CMPA's claim to be non-partisan is incompatible with the fact that nearly all its funding comes from conservative foundations."
  • I also relocated the following unreferenced section from the article page. I've had a quick look but can't find an online reference - will have a little more of a look later. --Bob Burton 19:17, 13 February 2008 (EST)

Support for 'The Reagans' miniseries

Despite the fact that the funding for the Center for Media and Public Affairs comes overwhelmingly from conservative foundations, and that its president has strong conservative connections, CMPA employees do manage to express some liberal-leaning viewpoints in media interviews. Matthew Felling criticised CBS' refusal to run "The Reagans" miniseries back in the fall. In the Denver Post, he said 'The conservative movement wanted to spin one for the Gipper and succeeded. Then the paper continued, saying "Matthew Felling of the liberal think tank Center for Media and Public Affairs in Washington says 'Without a doubt, I think CBS mishandled this by succumbing to the pressure instead of spinning it into 'Watch the movie that some don't want you to see,' Felling said. "They could have sexed it up. At the end of the day, the dollar spoke and advertisers pulling their support made the decision for them."

Recent Deletions of Front Groups badge and Joe Conason piece

I have reverted the changes back to before the deletions by dissidentwriter regarding the front group badges and the critique by Joe Conason. And I am protecting the page from further deletions. Lisa Graves