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Your summary of Citizens for Tax Justice is so off the mark, that it should be changed totally (as I tried to do earlier).

CTJ did help organize high-tax business groups (consumer products, some old-line manufacturers, etc.) to support the 1986 Tax Reform Act. That was critical to that excellent bill passing, and it meant CTJ consulted with lots of companies and trade groups, including tobacco. Some labor unions that organized workers in those businesses did send CTJ a little money back in the 80s, although they haven't since.

But the idea that CTJ is some kind of tobacco-funded operation is silly. The trust is that CTJ started off as mostly labor-funded, but for the past decade or so, has gotten about 5% of its funding from labor, with all the rest from foundations and members. These days, big business is pretty united in thinking of CTJ as its main antagonist on taxes.

So I recommend restoring my earlier, more accurate changes, if they still exist somewhere.

Bob, I reverted your substantial deletions of the historically accurate section that was referenced to the tobacco documents. If it can be supported by references, by all means add to the history of the organisation and I'd be happy to accept the 5% labor figure if it can be sourced. But wholseale deletion of referenced material is not on. I'd also like to point you to section 1.6 of if it is relevant to you. Cheers --Bob Burton 07:46, 25 October 2006 (EDT)