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Comment: The author makes the mistake of equating the providing of military troops with support for the operation itself. A nation can certainly make a statement of support (as say, Japan has done), without committing military forces. Statements of support are valuable. It is better to have a statement of support than no statement at all, or worse yet, a statement of opposition.

Thomas K.

Counter-Comment to Thomas regarding the value of 'support' in word and other less tangibles (i.e. moral support without other substantial substance). Two of the largest problems with the way in which the Bush Admin. uses the phrase are a)state leadership has logged in as 'willing' in spite of the evidence that a majority of the population is in opposition; b)it is very inappropriate to use the term 'willing' when in fact various levels of coercion are being applied. This misuse creates a false impression, intentionally false, that the coalition members approve of the action solely on its merit; when in fact, merit may not have even been considered due to the importance of the coercion.
-- Maynard 19:18 31 Mar 2003 (EST)