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Republicans call it "smearing" .. but let's allow the record to speak for itself. As my granny would say, "call a spade a spade." AI

Also, just to keep things in perspective, Glenn Reynolds in his March 12, 2004 article DEMOCRATS LEADING IN SMEAR CAMPAIGN found on the MSNBC web site [which links to the Kondracke article], points to Seattle Post-Intelligencer's headline which reads "Accused spy is cousin of Bush staffer". The SPI article points out that Susan Lindauer is related to a White House staffer (Andrew Card) and Reynolds cites this as "PROOF" that the "Democrats" are up to "smearing". Must be that liberal press we keep hearing about.

So, if you would like a feel for how widespread the Democrat smear really runs, count the number of articles cited for the Lindauer article and you will find approximately 20 or more cited within the body of the article and as external links, not a single one of which mentions Lindauer's "cousin" in the title line. AI (updated 3/13/04).