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Who paid off Fitz to pass on Plame? Congress already wants a new federal agency reporting to them; DOJ and Pentagon are ordered to report to the Director of the CIA. We're supposed to believe Fitz hated politicians enough and loved federal employee unions enough to not prosecute a bad CIA agent? Is Fitz organized, Plame is a gamble, right?

Some other blogging:

Plame is why all the leaks started. The Bush speech about WMD and Plame's leak of the covert CIA WMD program and training at universities was intentional use of the war that CIA pushed the US into, using it to dispose of the WMD program at CIA, something they blamed Rice for. Plame complained and all these leaks happended.............

Bush and Conyers; now it's 'secret CIA prisons' and NSA saltellite voice and word recognition. The only reason these were leaked was Congress changed reporting laws for DOJ and Pentagon orders to report all humint activity globally(this includes domestically - its in the CIA mandate in congress, as well as CIA law enfocement badges)to the Director of CIA.

It is now impossible for DOJ to indict Plame or any other 'bad' agent at CIA because of a conflict of interest while investigating who they are ordered to report to - CIA, alot like how Wilson got that CIA contract from his wife or her friends at CIA. The 'CIA prisons' and NSA leaks that followed are there to point out the conflict of interest at DOJ and Pentagon and the goal seems to be the creation of another agency that reports directly to Congress, like CIA, and investigates issues that criminal prosecuters at DOJ, like Fitz, are unable or unwilling to address. It is a power grap and, at the least, a traditional 'bribe' for federal employees and their unions creating jobs for them and centralizing power in Congress, rather than the President. There has always been a complaint that Bush should have started more federal agencies after 9/11 instead of consolidating existing agencies.

As the CIA and Plame used the war to 'sell off' their covert WMD program and training, Congress is using the Plame issue to create more federal union jobs and centralize control of the new investigative agency in Congress, rather than DOJ.

Bush was set up during his speech so that CIA and Plame could leak the covert CIA WMD program and mandatory training for all OOs, something they blamed Rice for. CIA used the war, which they fostered to sell off the covert WMD policy, and Bush for its own goals. Bush is just a rich x CIA Director's son, something that CIA hoped to use to further their own political careers after retirement. It really ended up destroying those political careers becasue it shows CIA knows no limits and will use anyone, including the President and his advisors to achieve personal and political goals.

Bush bad year after the speech and a war? WE TRAIN AND PAY CIA TO DO THIS ALL OVER THE WORLD. THEY JUST WENT AFTER US FOR A CHANGE. Not that using their training on their own is treason.............................

-- 09:53, 24 Dec 2005 (EST)