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I know it was founded "nearly sixty years ago by Eleanor Roosevelt", but is Freedom House still "nonpartisan"?

The chairman is R. James Woolsey, 铃声 and members include Dan Quayle, Jeane Kirkpatrick and Steve Forbes. The donations come from the Scaife Foundation and the Lynne and Harry Bradley Foundation. This smacks of being a conservative foundation. Of course it is not far right, and among it's attacks on the left it may have been against apartheid (how many American 彩信foundations said they were pro-apartheid?) and so forth, making it perhaps just conservative instead of ultra-conservative. If anyone disagrees I'd be interested in hearing what you ghave to say. Venceremos 21:43, 30 May 2004 (EDT)

I removed the neo-conservative tage - I had a query about why this was in the article and agree that based on the content of the page it is not supported. It may or may not justify the description 铃声下载 but in the absence of any supporting material and references have removed it. Seems that this page also needs a description of what they currently do --Bob Burton 00:46, 24 Jan 2005 (EST)

paste material that was out of place in article -- needs to be returned in a more calculated fashion

Helps coordinate the UN Democracy Caucus.

"Adrian Karatnycky served as executive director for a year (1993) and then became president (1994-2005) when James Denton was apointed executive director (1993-2001), following the absorption into Freedom House of his National Forum Foundation (NFF)." [1]


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