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Edit notes

I have left the text posted to the page intact for the moment but it needs further work:

  • "Pew Family Charitable Trusts, set up by the same family who own Suncor, an oil company."
As this in unreferenced it is unclear from what is written whether the current Pew family members who are involved in the foundation own Suncor; or whether those involved in the foundation are descendents of those who owned Suncor; more detail is needed on this point;
  • "The work done by the NGOs receiving Pew funding is thought to be comprimised."
why? by who? what work? It would be good to expand out exactly what each organisation has been funded to do and why it is considered greenwash. So a par on each organisation/project with a reference link would be good.

With thanks, --Bob Burton 06:13, 6 June 2007 (EDT)