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Diane Farsetta 10:56, 13 March 2007 (EDT)

The Bill is currently in its initial stages of review. This link provides additional information from the Library of Congress.

This is in fact perhaps one of the more realistic and important pieces of energy legislation floating among many in Congress right now. The primary reason is the proposed ...

This is significant. ...

If the tax credit is increased as proposed, coupled with the current higher scale rebates some homeowners would actually PROFIT off the installation of such equipment. This would spur significant interest, remove the financial hurdle and achieve the objective stated behind this and many other pieces of legislation by stimulating the solar industry's growth and mass production economic efficiency to a point where the costs could lower to make such installations financially sensible for most homeowners.

To myself, the fact that it’s a TAX CREDIT makes it especially proper. The homeowner EARNED that money, and by and large most people share the observation and belief that much of the money taken in taxes by the Federal Government is inefficiently and even improperly used. Letting the homeowner keep their earned money for the purchase of equipment that will reduce our net dependence on foreign energy becomes a win-win for all involved.

Note this is bipartisan legislation - if you are a leftist greenie you would like it because its about reducing carbon emissions and oil use; if you are a right leaning hawk the fact that it helps reduce the demand for imported energy would bring a smile to your face as you picture the Muslim fascists eating sand and drinking their oil.