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I have rewritten the lead for the article and relocated the previous material here for the moment. The previous lead uncharacterized the group as a "a hardline zionist propaganda organization" and a group that "denigrate/demonize Palestinians or Islam". As it was, readers were being asked to take the characterization of the group at face value without there being any supporting evidence. I also renamed the page as the previous lead referred to the organization but the speakers bureau is just one of the groups activities. As such I though it better to have the page focus on the organization.--Bob Burton 20:39, 28 October 2007 (EDT)

is a hardline zionist propaganda organization involved in hasbara, i.e., propaganda for Israel around the world, but primarily in the US and Canada. Its activities are sponsoring its featured speakers, training activists, and promote campaigns that place Israel in a positive light and denigrate/demonize Palestinians or Islam.