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Analysing the institution

  • How many people work for this organisation?
  • Which organisations did they come from?
  • Particularly at the upper and middle levels,
    • Who have been removed from their jobs?
    • Who have been newly employed?
  • What reports have they been commissioned to write?
  • How does it relate (officially and by its actions) to other departments and agencies?
    • The Federal Bureau of Investigation
    • The Central Intelligence Agency
    • Drug Enforcement Administration
    • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
  • How does it relate to the press?
    • Has it issued press releases?
    • Has its management consented to press conferences or interviews?

XML data exchange: a tenuously related topic?

  • What is the significance of XML data interchange with other countries?
    • Which countries is information exchanged with?
    • Is JXDD really used?
    • Which systems is it recorded as having been used?
    • What does it record?