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Noting reference for future: Jonathan Chait, "Niall Ferguson Fights Back Against Smear Campaign by Fact-checkers, Facts," New York Magazine, June 11, 2015.

This page needs a more critical discussion of the institution, and less extensive quoting from the institution's self-description on its website. Unfortunately I can't do that myself at present. Maybe when I dig up the book(s) I've read that discuss it. Leasing the Ivory Tower by Lawrence Soley has some good info. Maybe The Science of Coercion by Christopher Simpson does, too, I forget. And possibly Information Inequality by Herbert I. Schiller (not sure). Anyhow, I no longer have the latter two, and my copy of the first is boxed up somewhere.

The gist, though, as I recall, is that during the Cold War, Hoover decided that his institute should shift from the academic study of war and revolution to being an active Cold War propaganda mill. It's a rightwing think tank with the imprimatur of a major university, so it can produce work of the same quality as the Heritage Foundation's, but fool many readers into thinking it's peer-reviewed scholarship.

Research Fellows

  • Peter Schweizer

Re listing Research Fellows: I'm inclined to think there are two ways we could expand the listing: a) add a selection of those that are of most interest into the Research Fellows sections I have started; or b) if you think it is worth listing all 64 of the Reseach Fellows it is probably best to create a side page with the complete listing. That way they would be accessible to those who really want the detail but avoid cluttering up the main page. I'm easy either way. cheers --Bob Burton 15:57, 19 Mar 2006 (EST) Are there too many of these to list?