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I have relocated the Ron Arnold quote from the article page. The quote is predominately about Rubin not the IPS, contains speculative material (Arnold is not exactly an authoritative source) and it would be better to have a description of what IPS is and does and then a section on its origins, with material on Rubin on a side page.--Bob Burton 18:11, 3 January 2008 (EST)

"The Institute for Policy Studies was originally funded by Samuel Rubin (1901-1978). His parents brought him from Russia to America as a child. He became a dedicated socialist, and is reputed to have been a Communist Party member, but had business talent and decided to "play the capitalist game." In 1930 he founded the Spanish Trading Corporation, closing it when Franco took power in Spain. In 1937 he founded Faberge Perfumes and built it from a small specialty shop into a major cosmetic firm. He established the Samuel Rubin Foundation in 1959 from his personal wealth. In 1963, Rubin sold Faberge for $25 million and gave a portion to his foundation. It has funded legions of left-wing causes since, IPS among the first." [1]

  1. Institute for Policy Studies, Undue Influence, accessed August 19, 2007.