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You're right -- don't think the internet was around when John Muir was traversing the Sierras a century ago -- but I read the purpose of the page as being a list of organisations that in their own various ways use the internet to assist their campaigns. I haven't looked at how the SC use the internet but I don't read the purpose of the page as being only recent and virtual organisations. Equally, there's no point including them for the sake of it but maybe there is some aspect of their use of the Internet that is worth knowing about -- bob

I thought about that, Bob. I really did. And I realized that each and every operation with a website uses the internet to assist their campaigns; and if that were to be the criteria, the page and topic would have no exclusions, .... and accordingly, .. no merit.

At least some of the outfits on the list are indeed internet activists, rather than activists or non-activists with a website.


no worries -- I'm not fussed if they are in or out -- cheers, bob

Vigil in Portola Valley on Sept. 9 thanks to moveon

Thanks to suggestions from Move On a small group met in Portola Valley, CA.,this evening, to share views on this suffering country's need for peace, for a possible future without war, and to urge people to vote for the Kerry-Edwards team. About 30 people gathered, held candles, asked for people all over the world to hold peace in their minds and hearts, and to urge everyone to "get out the vote." We all agreed that without the constant efforts of Move On to change this country for the better, that we wouldn't have met this evening in quiet vigil. Thank you.