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This comment from a now defunct blog originally contained a number of links that require checking. Pending a check I have relocated the text here. --Bob Burton 20:51, 16 September 2007 (EDT)

IBP also has a history of union busting, attempting to control wholesale cattle prices, using illegal labor, flouting workplace and food safety guidelines, and making deals with the mafia. IBP -- now known as Tyson Fresh Meats since acquisition by Tyson Foods -- is not surprisingly against more regulation and inspection. Their most recent 10K filed with the SEC lists 5 pages of legal proceedings, yet only 3 pages of "Selected Financial Data." These myriad legal concerns are broken broadly into "Wage and Hour/Labor Matters," "Environmental Matters," "Securities Matters" (only 3 paragraphs), "IBP Stockholder and Merger Agreement Related Litigation," and "General Matters." [1]