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The Jack Burkman article points up a minor issue ... when we wikify CBS, NBC, ABC, etc., for the most part it is a given that we are talking about U.S. networks. However, there is more than one ABC ... there is an ABC in Canada and an ABC in Australia, both of which are frequently cited. If we want to wikify ABC, as it is in the article, should it not be clearly identified as ABC (US) or ABC News (US)?

Additionally, ABC could be the acronym for any number of organizations as well as a tv network (which ABC alone does not clearly indicate).

Just asking. Artificial Intelligence 06:07, 18 Jun 2006 (EDT)

Phone Book Entry

I removed the following entry from the article page:

His telephone number was recently found in the "DC Madam" phone database. [1]

A couple of reasons:

a) the url links to a page that has a brief note but doesn't list the actual number;

b) The Cleveland Leader, which has run the story states that "before we go pointing fingers, let's make it clear that only their phone numbers were found on the list. That doesn't necessarily mean that they themselves were making the calls; it could have been anyone in their office" and that Burkman has denied the allegations that he "utilized the services of a prostitute."

I'm of the view that the phone numnber alone is not sufficiently strong to warrant the addition of the statement to a personal profile page. --Bob Burton 06:29, 14 July 2007 (EDT)