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Relocating unreferenced material from article page - wasn't sure whether the Buchanan links were support to support these statements or not. Search of sites yielded no results. --Bob Burton 21:32, 2 Dec 2005 (EST)

Prior to rooting down at RM&R, Wierzbicki was involved in several unsuccessful Republican campaigns, most notably as a staffer on conservative icon Patrick J. (Pat) Buchanan's hallmark 1996 presidential bid. At the time, Wierzbicki was just one of several young college students who migrated to the McLean, VA, national headquarters in an effort to promote Buchanan's anti-establishment, blue-collar message.

It is of interest to note, however, that while Buchanan later quit the GOP - out of disgust for the party's corporate pandering - to run as a Reform Party candidate in 1999, Wierzbicki had already signed up with the Republican-associated Russo Marsh and Rogers.

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