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Monday, June 20, 2011 11:25 AM MDT
On June 13, 2011, Kenneth Allard contacted SourceWatch to dispute his profile, and most particularly the profile's reliance on the New York Times article about the Pentagon's Military Analyst Program. We placed the profile under review and researched Col. Allard's complaints. We amended the profile to include information about Col. Allard's protest against the Pulitzer Prize, including links to articles he wrote as part of that protest. For our investigation, we contacted David Barstow at the New York Times to ask if the Times stands by its story. On June 20, 2011, Mr. Barstow called back and said the Times stands by the story.

Anne Landman, SourceWatch Editor

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The following par was added by User:Rtansey49‎. Aside from needing a little tweaking I can't find any online reference to the release of the documents. I will email the author of the section and see if the documents are online or can be provided for uploading.--Bob Burton 16:22, 2 October 2009 (EDT)

Dr.C.Kenneth Allard was initially employed in January 2006 as an adjunct associate professor of management by University of Texas at San Antonio ("UTSA")College of Business Dean, as approved by UTSA President Ricardo Romo and University of Texas System Regents/Chancellor Mark G. Yudof. Thus, Allard apparently masqueraded in public between January 2006 and February 15 2007 when Allard publicly memorialized Allard's resignation as a paid independent miltary analyst/war consultant to NBC/MSNBC. Allard's initial January 2006 UTSA employment letter omitted any reference to UTSA 's simultaneous appointment of Allard in January 2006 as UTSA Director of Intelligence and Homeland Defenses Program to developn new business intelligence courses and programs in UTSA College of Business Center for Professional Excellence. Thus, between January 2006 and February 2007, Allard was a clandestine UTSA administrator masquearading in public as an independent CNBC Retired military analyst who never publicly disclosed Allard's emploment/administrative affiliations with UTSA College of Business, that has received approx. 20 to 40 million dollars in U.S. Air Force

Air Intelligence Agency ("AIA") and U.S. National Security Agency Funds since AIA's 2000 meeting with UTSA Guy H. Bailey [the same Bailey who recently as Texas Tech University President] approved the TTU hiring of former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez to teach an undergraduate political science course for a fee of over $ 100,000. Source: 3 UTSA Texas Public Information Act Record Releases to Dr. Richard R. Tansey between August, 2009 and October 1, 2009