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I have yet to find confirmation for the following: (AI)

It is curious that such a giant amount of research has gone into attacking this relatively obscure former Rand Corporation scholar. He is hated by the LaRouche organization because he broke with them, denounced their anti-Semitism and induced other members to leave the organization along with him. Horror of horrors, he became a proud Jew, who defends Israel and opposes anti-Semitism. So now they slime him. The sources listed for the SourceWatch article include LaRouche's Executive Intelligence Review; at least one "ex"-LaRouchian journalist who has concealed his background and continues to attack Jews and Israel in a LaRouche style manner; and the ultrarightwing Justin Raimondo of Murawiec's presentation to the Defense Policy Board was used by opponents of the neocons to strike at Richard Perle. I have no interest in defending Perle, but the real issue is the content of Murawiec's presentation. That the Saudis play a central role in promoting Islamic terror by way of Wahabbism and "charitable" donations is indisputable. As to the statement that Egypt is the "prize," Al Queda itself recently admitted that one of its central goals is to seize power in Egypt. The elaborate detail of the SourceWatch article on Murawiec leads one to infer that the Saudi government paid a certain anti-Semitic private intelligence organization (headed by a certain perennial presidential candidate) to plant it--Saudi disinformation by way of SourceWatch. This article should be removed and replaced by something of appropriate length written by someone who is objective and doesn't feel the need to use phrases such as "Polish-born Zionist" (highly offensive in the context of this article) to characterize Murawiec.