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I've moved the section below from the article page, because I can't see the point of having a list of various people, some of who are parliamentarians, some former parliamentarians, some staffers, some former staffers, some just business-people, listed simply becuase they hold a particular ideological view. If we listed every current or former politican, staffer and business person who holds these views, the list would run to tens of thousands, and I don't think that would serve any purpose. That said, if someone wants to categorise them into current Lib parliamentarians, former Lib parliamentarians, businessmen linked to the party etc, I'd be happy for it to go back on the article page...(althopugh I still can't see what purpose it would serve). Mc 03:54, 25 Jul 2006 (EDT)

I agree on the main Liberal Party page was not the best location but rather than have it relegated to a talk page I have shifted it to a side page off the Liberal Party page. While the benefit of the list may not be obvious to many, having it on the side page has it there for those who may find it useful. By the way I'm not at all attached to the title I came up with so feel free to rename. --Bob Burton 04:09, 25 Jul 2006 (EDT)