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AI - I'm note sure on the origin of the source of "acolyte" - is it a terms someone else used to describe Vickers? Is it supposed to be derived from the reference link (if so I can't see it there)? Somewhere else? Or is it editorialising? thanks -- bob

Entry from the Andrew Marshall article, from whence this all stems:

""Put in charge of the Bush administration's proposed major military overhaul by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, he has sharply polarized the defense community. Marshall's allies and proteges revere him, calling the Office of Net Assessment 'St. Andrew's Prep.' His enemies despise him, deriding his acolytes as 'Jedi Knights'."[1]

Also I might comment here ... the whole darn Star Wars thingy that has long been attributed to Ronald Reagan (along with the evil empire, perhaps) obviously was NOT Reagan's idea, nor does it seem much of what has been attributed to originating with the PNAC crowd. In fact, it seems, not even the PNACers were "original" thinkers ... it has been Yoda all along!