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I edited the National Resources Defense Council page and moved its content to the NRDC and Alar page since that's what it primarily focused on. It was not really about the NRDC.

I restored some of the material you deleted and trimmed the NRDC self-description. I think your intention was to achieve some balance, since all of the material that existed previously in this article was taken from the Center for Consumer Freedom, which is an anti-environmental front group for industry. I agree with the need to correct the previous version of the article. However, the material that you put in its place was mostly cut-and-pasted from the NRDC's own website. Material of that nature should not be quoted extensively here. It's sufficient to merely quote from it briefly, with a link to the NRDC site where people can find the rest of it. OK? --Sheldon Rampton 14:32, 16 May 2004 (EDT)

Not a problem Sheldon.


I removed the paragraph from the NRDC and Alar page that you restored to to the National Resources Defense Council page if that's alright. No need for double prop.