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re "New Directions for News" ...

  • USC Annenberg. Online Journalism Review website. Scroll down righthand column to link for "New Directions for News", which connects to NDN's website. From this it would appear that "New Directions for News" is the media advisory link for NDN.

Further hunting, however, loops back to the journalism think tank New Directions for News which began at the University of Missouri in 1968:

Following up on that, we find what appears to be the dissolution of that original NDN in 2003

"New Directions for News (NDN), a think-tank organization devoted to innovation in news media, which merged with The Media Center under The Media Center name in September 2003." [1] folded into The Media Center [2]

Theory: This is simply a change in URL and not an affiliation. The former New Directions for News, for whatever reason, came up as registrant.

  • the URL for the former think tank New Directions for News was (scroll down page)
  • the former URL for New Democrat Network was
  • However, the "Network" changed its URL to (" - More from - Similar pages NDN Has Moved. Please visit us at our new home: You will be redirected automatically. If you are not redirected within 5 seconds, please click here.")

According to the following, the URL was still in September 2004 and December 2004 (scroll down into messages, and still is listed as on many websites, including the "Democrat" page on Google.

It seems to me that the New Democrat Network is redefining itself; as part of this they are in the process of acquiring rights to the domain name from it's now defunct holder New Dimensions News. It's also pretty clear that they are either covering up, or moving away from, or otherwise de-emphasing their Democratic Party interests, both on the website and in the domain name change. This only interests me because I went to the website to discover the reverse-acronym (??) for NDN; and couldn't find it; so wondered, "why would it not be open and apparent?" It is not a low-profile operation after all.
--Maynard 09:59, 13 Aug 2005 (EDT)