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I relocated the following material - which is not directly related to the NZSC - here from the article page. To keep it on the main page was too dsitracting from the primary purpose of the page and very hard to read. Social mapping would be better done on a separate page. --Bob Burton 04:34, 20 Jul 2006 (EDT)

Additionally, APCO's Tom Harris was involved in organizing a 2002 operation [1] [2] to defeat Kyoto in Canada using many of the same operatives as signed the letter: Timothy Patterson, [3] Fred Michel, Madhav Khandekar, Ross McKitrick, Tim Ball, Christopher Essex, David E. Wojick, [4] Richard S. Lindzen, [5] George Taylor, [6] TASSC Patrick J. Michaels, [7] Roy W. Spencer, [8] Howard Hayden, [9] TASSC Fred Singer, [10] Sallie Baliunas [11] and Art Robinson. The repeating and overlapping TASSC and APCO associations are worth noting.

Of these, known TASSC operatives with extensive entries in the archives include Fred Singer and Junkman Steve Milloy. Indirect connectedness of TASSC through Climate Audit's Stephen McIntyre's status as consulting expert with George C. Marshall Institute make a social network with TASSC Hugh Ellsaesser, TASSC Fred Seitz, TASSC Bruce Ames.

Ironically, Edward J. Wegman's social network at George Mason University includes a large number of Tobacco Whitecoats, [12] a decade of being collegue of Fred Singer on faculty of Mason's Institute of Humane Studies, and over $22 million [13] input by Koch Industries (oil) owners Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch. In a round-about-way, that also makes the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition part of Wegman's social network through multiple connections.

The Apco Worldwide TASSC social network of this letter signer-group included TASSC Patrick J. Michaels, TASSC Fred Singer and TASSC Hugh W. Ellsaesser.