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I think something could be said about the propgandistic nature of the messages they put out in their advertisements. Most of their messages are based on rumor and half-truths blown out of proportion.

Based on the commercials I've seen from them over their history - starting with "Eggs = Brains", later with "Death's Drive-thru" - they have nothing to do with promoting abstinence.

If they were really about addressing drug-abuse or any serious issue, wouldn't we have seen at least a single anti-alcohol, anti-smoking or anti-PHRMa advert in the last unteen years they've been "on-message"? Yes, we would have.

Major update

Primarily pulled financial supporters directly from the PDFA Annual Reports on the PDFA's website.

Also, updated their Contact information as their website domain has changed.

Still need to pull personnel information together, as well as all relevant information from 1986 through 1997. The PDFA only seems to provide information on the years from 1998 through 2002.