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If you are in Texas or wish to travel there to join Cindy and others in the vigil, contact the Crawford Peace Housefor advice and directions. If people at the Peace House are overwhelmed and you can't reach them, go anyway (directions are on their Web site) and plan to stop there on your way in.

Supplies needed include food and water, coffee, first aid kits, tarps/canopies, tents, tables, batteries, flashlights, wet wipes, materials to make and hang banners and signs, nails & tools, bug spray, ice and ice chests, ladders, and car lighter adapters for electric appliances.

"... what could be more preposterous than the sight of the mighty GOP propaganda war machine -- built up with such effort and at such great cost -- aiming all its guns at one bereaved, 48year-old mother camped by the side of the road in Crawford, Texas? The same massive tank that once crushed Senators and presidential candidates with such effortless ease is now practically busting a tread trying to turn this [Cindy's] face into an enemy of the people ...

"There's a kind of comical desperation about it -- like watching cartoon elephants dance in hysterical fear at the sight of a cartoon mouse. I said recently that the Rovians attack what they fear most. And when your greatest fear is the mother of a combat soldier who wants to ask the president why her son had to die in Iraq, you know you've got some serious PR problems." "Dog Day Afternoon," Billmon, August 14, 2005.

Re Greg LaMotte and Voice of America .. It is governed by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBC), of which Condoleezza Rice is a member (at bottom of list). One blogger mentions that this has Karen P. Hughes's fingerprints all over it. ... Or Turd Blossom's ... take your pick. Artificial Intelligence 11:58, 17 Aug 2005 (EDT)

While it makes sense to put new developments near the top of the article; it is counterproductive to leave them there too long. I also think it's important to position the "ongoing coverage" links near the top because it helps readers to satisfy their urge to learn more, be current, and to become more personally involved. The "Camp Casey" section is presently awkward. Perhaps a "Current developments at Camp Casey" is appropriate; and shifting early content to "Foundations" (which is a word I chose only as better than "background", not because it's tbe best description which I/we haven't come up with yet.
--Maynard 00:16, 20 Aug 2005 (EDT)

"Foundations" as the past; i.e. What brought this about? A section which does not respond much to new developments.
"Relevancies" as the future; i.e. how might this event become historically notable? By now, most of these should be achieving stability (i.e. "establishment" <VBG>
"Ongoing media coverage" will likely change a little bit over time, as the movement extends and more outlets participate.
Most of what follows in the article is very much in a state of constant flux.

AI, I don't understand the "PR:Problem for Bush" section. Perhaps if it had an introduction, readers could make context out of its subsection content. Also, the dated sections seem incongruous; some of the items there certainly belong in "Support" but shouldn't be in the article twice. I'll try again after more coffee. --Maynard 09:03, 20 Aug 2005 (EDT)