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There didn't seem to be another appropriate place for this small list .. and perhaps it will grow .. or, perhaps they will be moved or incorporated elsewhere at a later date. For now, here they are! AI 4/23/03 09:21 (EST)

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Anti-Palestinic semites create most anti-semitism, and Toronto and Montreal may be the anti-Palestinic capitals of the world.

The Government's (CRTC) Canadian Radio and Television Commission is stacked against Canadians who are Arabs or Muslims because of militant Jewish fundamentalists lobbying represented by The Canadian Jewish Congress who find relatively little anti-Semitism to oppose, if you compare it to anti-Palestinic news and the more rampant anti-Palestinianism . Al Jazzeera's senior editor and spokesman on Peter Mansbridge's "One On One" CBC weekly show said that "Jews in North American cities are more catholic than the Pope", because Jews in Israel can get Al Jazeera on their tv sets. [ CBC editors' chop spot ] Anti-Semitism and anti-Palestinianism are both wrong, but making anti-Palestinic remarks can get Muslims deported, it's much more dangerous than anti-semitism. Anti-Semitism is a gag tool used to beat people into silence, suggests the Toronto Star's media columnist Antonia Zerbisias in her column about the CRTC, the Arab tv network Al Jazeera and Alan Dersowitz. When the mind managers decide to pull her plug, she better leave the country because where can she get a columnist job? - The Israel Asper group Canwest? [ CBC editors' chop spot ] Brave Antonia Zerbisius, the Toronto Star's media columnist. She refuses to be muzzled. She dares to expose that the CRTC is stacked: "the CRTC licensed the Arabic language news channel Al-Jazeera but did so in such a way that it will never be legally seen on Canadian TV.") Antonia is not alone: - the distinguished author journalist Gwynne Dyer's stuff is banned from the Israel Asper newspaper chain, which has 60% of the Canadian readers and owns the largest newspaper in every major Canadian city except one (Toronto Star). - details:

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A Yahoo! search for "anti-palestinianism" only found 218 articles which included the term, most of which are repetitions of or paraphrases taken from about three or four different articles:

A search for the sentence contained in the article -- "As we shall see, this is not the only similarity between anti-Palestinianism and anti-semitism." -- results in 47 out of the 218 results.
A search for the phrase in the article -- "he won't stand for anti-Semitism or anti-Palestinianism in his classroom" -- turns up another 13 out of the 218 results.
A search for the phrase in the article -- "Jerusalem, anti-Palestinianism and terrorism" -- results in only four direct returns, but many variations of the phrase appear in any number of articles, either in a direct quote or paraphrase.

IMO, the word is infrequently used and poorly represented in the SW article. Artificial Intelligence 09:49, 24 Apr 2005 (EDT)

There's a lot of empty links on this page which I'm inclined to cull in the next week or so unless some progress is made on them. One bit of feedback we get from users not understanding that red links are empty and then wanting to know why there is no article there. In an article page where there are generally fewer empty links its not so bad but on a page which is a list I think its more of an issue. --Bob Burton 18:23, 24 Apr 2005 (EDT)