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ARTC strategy to 2010

NSW Minerals Council NSWMC Submission to Treasury on the NSW Budget 2011-12, It's Time To Take NSW To Number One June 2011, page 9

B. Restore allowable transport deductions to promote inland coal mining The removal of allowable transport deductions has a greater impact on operations the further away they are from port facilities, and unfairly penalises mining operations with higher rail transport costs. The NSW minerals industry advocates for the permanent reinstatement of the allowable transport deduction in the calculation of royalties. This would provide the stability necessary for ongoing investment and employment in the Western and Gunnedah coalfields The previous Government‟s provision of up to $10 million per year for two years to operators in the Western and Gunnedah coalfield has provided temporary relief for those operators impacted by the removal of the deduction. As an interim measure, we support continuation of this assistance package to Western and Gunnedah operators, in the event that the deductions are not reinstated.